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Nikkole Michaels Salon & Spa offers a full range of nail services, from pedicures to manicures, acrylic sets, and personalized nail art. Our highly skilled technicians are focused on providing excellent customer service in a relaxing environment.


*Please Note: All service prices shown represent our starting prices.  Prices vary by technician based on Experience / Demand of Time.  Service prices are subject to a proper consultation.

spa manicure

Spa Manicure
A cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails and hands by one of our skilled technicians.
Russian Manicure
spa pedicure

Spa Pedicure
Massage and soak of feet and legs to soften calluses. A loofah is used to clear away dead skin cells.
french manicure

French Polish
French Manicure
Manicure with a band of white polish applied across the nail tips and clear or pale polish below.
Gel French
french pedicure

French Pedicure
Classic spa pedicure with the addition of French-style polish applied to the nails.
gel manicure

Gel Manicure
Gel polish is applied to each nail with 30 seconds of drying time and UV light in-between.
Gel Top Coat
manicure pedicure

Polish Change
For hands or feet
pink and white

Pink & White Full Set
Acrylic nails also known as French tips - a white tip with a pink nail base. A true classic.
Pink & White Backfill
full set ombre

Full Set Ombre
Two-tone acrylic in which a lighter color gradually blends into the darker color.
full set acrylics

Full Set Acrylic - Hands
Includes acrylic nails in length of your choice plus a gel or regular polish on top.
dip powder

Dip Powder Nails & Tips
A thinner look than acrylics requiring less filling resulting in natural looking nails. No monomer or UV light needed!
dip nails overlay

Dip Nails Overlay
An acrylic overlay that provides stronger, lightweight and natural long-lasting nails without damaging the nail bed.
Dip Overlay w/Tip
acrylics fill

Acrylic Fill - Hands
Treats acrylic regrowth at the base of the nails. Also called an infill.
back fill nails

A fill set on pink-and-whites done with an electric file to take down the nail surface and redo the smile line.
broken nail repair

Nail Repair
Repairing a broken nail.
encapsulated nails

Encapsulated Nails
An encapsulated design or object is sealed in the nails with a clear overlay.
nail art

Nail Designs
gems crystals nails

Crystals and gems placed on the nails.
3d nail art

3D Nail Art
3D nail art takes your nails to another dimension with designs that stand up off the nail.
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My nails were done perfectly while my hair was being done - what great service and how to feel like a queen!

-Roxanne C